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Jason has lived in the Golden and Arvada area for more than 25 years attending Golden High School and then later gaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership and Emergency Management from Colorado State University. Jason spent more than 20 years in emergency medical services as a paramedic responding to the sick and injured for the communities that you live in or want to live in. This allowed Jason to not only build relationships within the community but to also understand the communities and their different attributes. Jason also knew that people suffered in other areas of the country as well which is why he joined the National Disaster Response team. Jason has spent time as a Task Force Leader in Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina as well as New York during Hurricane Sandy, and finally four years in Alaska with multiple research teams. To this day, Jason still holds a paramedic certification so that he can continue to provide aid to those in need.

Following his career as a paramedic, Jason knew that he still wanted to serve his community and provide world-class service while continuing to brighten the days and future for his fellow Coloradans. Jason became a Realtor in 2017 and started his career knowing that he wanted to focus on customer service, integrity, hard work, and provide exceptional service. Jason's vision is that he doesn't sell houses, but instead he builds relationships and gets home bought and sold for his clients.

Jason brings unique characteristics and makes all his clients feel like they are the most important person no matter the time or day offering a seamless performance during most individuals' largest investment. If you are wanting someone that is more than just a real estate agent, then Jason is the person to contact.

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