Modernize Your Home With These Smart Upgrades

Dated: July 25 2022

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Smart Home Upgrades

Smart devices aren’t just up-to-date with technology, they’re also fast and efficient, saving you money in the long run.

Globally, people who own and rent households are quickly transitioning over to smart devices. Some examples include smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, laser projectors, and smart smoke detectors. 

Each smart device has a variety of benefits for you to enjoy. Keep reading for a detailed description of the most popular smart items on the market. Then, determine which ones would make your living quarters that much better!

Smart Thermostat

Clock thermostats are difficult to use and outdated. Newer thermostats do have the up and down dials which make it easier to figure out, but you're limited to manually shifting the temperature.


A smart thermostat opens a brand new way of heating or cooling your household. For example, if you’re out and about, you can jumpstart the heat or the AC so that your house is the desired temperature you want it to be before you return home. 


Smart thermostats are also super smart (pun intended), sensing when you’re home and when you’re not. If there’s no human presence in the household, the thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. This feature saves you money, as many homeowners completely forget to shift the thermostat when heading out the door. 

Laser Projector


Many contemporary homes have large flat screen televisions, amplified sound bars and speakers, and all the systems needed to mimic a movie theater. In fact, some households have an in-house movie theater, seats and all. 


If you’re one of the many indulging in projector based screenplay, check if your systems are outdated. Nix the lamp-based projector and upgrade to a laser projector. These have a different internal makeup, allowing them to project a broader range of colors across the screen with a sharper image. A film, show, or sporting event is much better seen with one of these.

Smart Door Locks


This option is all about convenience. Locating your house key on the large keychain ring you have is a hassle. Forgetting your front door key, or better yet losing it, is a nightmare. What if you didn’t plant a spare key somewhere in the yard or near the doorstep? Then you have to wait for another person that lives with you to come home - or break into your own home. Unnecessary.


Instead, upgrade to smart door locks. These Wifi and Bluetooth-enabled devices can automatically detect when you arrive home, unlocking the door as soon as you approach it. You can even carefully select who else has the same access you do.


For optimum protection and safety, a pin number or catch phrase can be added, depending on the device purchased.

Smart Lighting


Lighting dimmer and sensor systems can be turned on and off via your smartphone, that way if you forget to shut the lights after you leave the house, you can easily do it without turning around.


These same systems can grow slowly brighter as you wake up to avoid morning shock, and they can be programmed to switch off automatically when you leave the household or the specific room they’re hooked up to. 


All in all, each of these features accounts for upwards of $200 in savings on your energy bill yearly - sometimes more! That all depends on how often you use the lights and how regularly you forget to turn them off when they’re not being used.


Smart lighting does not need to be upgraded in the entire house; it can be reserved for the most commonly used rooms to start. Eventually, it would be smart and cost efficient to upgrade all internal and external lights.

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